Sendezentrum @ rC3

Once again this year there will be live podcasts, workshops and talks on podcasting in the virtual „Sendezentrum“ (broadcast center) at rC3. There are slots to fill for the podcast table and for the stage that you can apply for (link will follow). The podcast table offers more slots, the stage may offer more attention.

Super important: Please make sure that you and your guests have a rC3 ticket. We can’t get you a ticket, neither for money nor for good words. Podcasters who do not have a ticket will not be able to perform at the podcast table or on stage.

Slot times for the Stage and the Podast Table (preliminary):
Day 1 : 1-4pm and 6-10pm, 45 min. each + changeover break.
Day 2 & 3 : 12am-4pm and 6-10pm, 45 min. each + changeover break
Day 4 : 12am-4pm, 45 min. each + changeover break